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INSEE Sanstha falls under SLS 1253 (Portland Limestone Cement) category.
INSEE Sanstha was recognized as a low-carbon emission product by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka.
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A Portland Limestone Cement classified under the CEM II/A-LL 42.5R of BS EN 197-1:2011 standard and complying with SLS 1253:2015.
The most recognized and highly demanded cement brand in the country, INSEE SANSTHA is Sri Lanka’s first blended cement (blended with Portland Limestone), and the only Portland Limestone Cement in the local market produced with fresh, benchmarked, high-grade quality limestone extracted from our own local quarries.
One in every three homes is built with INSEE SANSTHA, the first local cement brand to be certified under British Standards, while also being the first to be recognized as a low carbon emission product by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka.
Technical Data – Physical and Chemical Properties
INSEE Sanstha Cement Test Results
Properties SLS 1253
INSEE Sanstha*
Compressive strength (N/mm2) – (2 days) ≥ 20 N/mm² > 27
Compressive strength (N/mm2) – (28 days) 42.5 to 62.5 N/mm² > 50
Setting time (min) ≥ 60 minutes 130 – 150 minutes
Fineness (m2/ Kg) Not specified in the Standard 370 – 390 m²/kg
Soundness (mm) < 10 mm < 1 mm
Relative Density Not specified in the Standard ˜ 3.08
SO3 < 4% < 3
Chloride < 0.10% < 0.08
Loss on Ignition (LOI) < 10% < 8.0
Superior Strength
Higher strength compared to other cements.

The engineered limestone particles in INSEE SANSTHA show increased strength development in concrete due to three factors; the rapid chemical reaction of calcium carbonate with aluminate compounds in the cement resulting in durable carbo aluminate crystals, the increased rate of cement hydration, and the improved particle packing and overall concrete density, resulting in highly compact, superior strength concrete

Highly Workable & Durable Concrete

The limestone particles used in the manufacturing of INSEE SANSTHA have enhanced fineness and act as a lubricant in the mix, while also retaining water effectively, thereby producing highly workable concrete. These same limestone particles enhance the overall particle packing in the mix due to their engineered fineness, resulting in the augmented density of the concrete and minimized corrosion of reinforcements, making structures extremely durable.

Exceptional Finish

The finer blended INSEE SANSTHA cement also allows for the concrete mix to be more flowable and moldable due to its increased cohesiveness, producing superior and aesthetic cement surface finishes.

Watertight Concrete

With enhanced particle packing of limestone due to their nature results in less space for water between the solid grains due to reduction in the connectivity of pores in the mix. This result of enhanced particle packing and increased mix density makes the resulting concrete extremely watertight.



  • Chemical Admixtures complying with BS EN 450-1:2014
  • Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) complying with BS EN 15167-1:2006
  • Silica Fume complying with BS EN 13263-1:2005
  • Manufactured Sand (MSand) complying with BS EN 12620:2013
  • Individual home building.
  •  Structures requiring extended service life.
  • Architectural and visually appealing concrete requiring high quality surface finishes.
  • Landscaping concrete applications.


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