Kevilton ISOLATOR 10kA 2 – POLE


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Safety is of prime importance at Kevilton and great care is taken to ensure that every electrical solution offered by Kevilton, protects the people and the environment in which they are used. The entire product portfolio of Kevilton Protection Systems is designed to enhance and ensure the safety factor in your home, office or industrial spaces. The entire range is available with standard colour toggle and has the air circulation facility enabled between RCCB, MCB and Isolators. Kevilton Protection Systems offer the distinct advantages of a comprehensive range with high breaking capacity, contemporary features and high performance, which are ideal for high rise buildings, commercial complexes and homes. Kevilton Protection Systems are produced adhering to stringent quality control standards, are SLS certified and come with a 10 year warranty. Make protection your first choice with Kevilton because safety cannot be compromised.


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